This is me!
A thirty something woman who lives in The Hague, with the beach as het backyard. For 13 years I worked in a specialised photo shop, where I learned my way around photography.
As you can see I love to go out in nature to take pictures. These pictures you can find on my other website  
Besides travelpictures I really enjoy taking pictures at home in my studio. You can find the results on this website.
I hope you enjoy them!
Some of my pictures were published in the Dutch magazine Zoom > Techniek- & Praktijkboek Macro & Close-up. 
The framed picture is sold to the stand-up paddler who’s on it.

I followed several workshops and courses, like:
Foodphotography @ Lucie Beck 
Productphotography @ Lucie Beck
Interiorphotography @ Lucie Beck
Storytelling @ Bart van Engeldorp Gastelaars
Portretphotography @ Jose Da Silva
Shop my work 
You can buy some of my work at the Dutch website ‘Werk aan de Muur’. It’s possible to print on canvas for example.
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